Conversion Rate Optimisation - CRO

High search engine traffic rate - little to no sales or leads generated.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Conversion Rate Optimisation - this is a different thought related concept. The aim with conversion rate optimisation, CRO for short, is to make the most of the traffic your site gets. Reducing your websites bounce rate and not spending money or time on attracting more visitors is the key to this process. Converting the current search traffic into leads or sales is usually trickier then webmasters / site-owners realise, people have become more savvy and also cautious online, they will take their time to look/shop around.

Increase Online Lead and Sales Conversion

Often designers and developers make decisions on a purely subjective basis. Site visitors are not entirely rational - all sorts of emotional and rational influences combine to affect whether a visitor clicks where the marketer/designer intends. CRO utilises split testing to show different versions of a page to samples of the audience. The most successful version is then shown to the bulk of the audience that follows. By introducing solid analysis of multiple factors great improvements in conversion rates can be seen.

Internet Marketing Multivariate Testing

Testing methods enable us to monitor which page titles, headlines, content, images, videos and design layouts help generate more site users into clients or customers.

Joomla SEO Company Implementing CRO Strategy

CRO can also be thought of as 'trial and error' combined with the experience of an expert Joomla SEO company, trial and error might give the impression of guess work but properly structured experimental work is a major part of SEO, this is done by SEO experts on their own sites to find that extra five to ten percent needed to get into the top ten on Google.  Implementing this in a Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategy has proven very successful over the past few years and as with everything, the more you do it the better you get.

Increase Lead Generation and E-commerce Sales

The Internet Marketing Strategy known as Conversion Rate Optimisation breaks down into two main strategies:

Multivariate Testing - Testing, discover and implementation strategy to increasing sales and/or leads to your current SEO campaign, landing pages and general site/e-commerce content.

Pretesting stage - investing time to fully understand your market, creating a targeted message that appeals to that particular audience.

The second of the two main areas of CRO is a time consuming and lengthy topic that I will cover fully at a later date. A link will be provided shortly.

Two pages on Wikipedia that give more detailed information about CRO in general:

Joomla Search Engine Optimisation Campaign

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