Old versions of articles show after edits

Have you ever needed to carry out an urgent edit on one of Joomla's articles - perhaps to correct an embarrassing typo or factual error - but even after saving the article the old page still shows on your website. Sometimes no matter how often you refresh the web page the previous version of the article appears.

Problems with Joomla Cache

If you have ever activated Joomla's internal cache functionality - perhaps in the hope of speeding up the site - you can get bitten by this problem.  Joomla has methods for clearing this cache but unfortunately it takes three or four clicks too many and is hidden away in a not too visible part of the menu.  We can help optimise your website's cache settings, make sure you understand the implications of some of the more advanced options, and implement tweaks to your site to make clearing the cache quicker and easier for when you need to force through your changes in a more immediate manner.

Help with Joomla Cache Issues

If you are struggling with any cache related issues please call us to discuss how we can help you operate your Joomla website more efficiently.

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