Joomla Error Messages Visible

Error messages on your Joomla pages? Worse still - perhaps you are seeing a totally blank page. A blank page is just an error but with the error message itself being suppressed by server settings.

Like most people you have done your best to project an air of professionalism with your on-line presence, and you've invested a lot of time and money into your Joomla website. After all this time, effort and investment it is a shame that if your pages show Joomla error messages you may scare away potential customers.

We have good news - our team of Joomla professionals can help you solve the problem of unsightly Joomla error messages.

  • Perhaps you see the word 'Notice: ' or 'Warning:' followed by a long string of technical mumbo jumbo in your page.  You need to get to the bottom of the issue but you don't know where to begin.
  • Do you see an error message inside a box with a red header to the effect that
    • 403 Error - permission denied, Forbidden
    • 404 Error - page not found, view not found
    • 500 Error - internal server error
  • A totally blank page is also an error. Depending upon your server's PHP settings you may simply see a totally blank page - this is an error with the error message itself being suppressed

There are various places in which you can get help - perhaps you can't wait:

  • You may have posted a message in some online help forums - but you really can't wait a week for the backwards and forwards guessing of well meaning people who don't have the right experience or who simply don't have all of the facts.
  • You might have been told that you need to change the error reporting level in something called php.ini - but heck, you don't know what that is, where to find it or what you would need to change it to.
  • You may have a boss who is all over you telling you 'get this sorted'. 

What you need is some professional Joomla help.  Call us now for a no obligation discussion of your requirements.

We will clear the errors from view, help you get to the bottom of what caused them, and help you implement a permanent fix.

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