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Joomla 1.7 Page Title Wrong in Single Article View

We hit an interesting little snag last week while using Joomla 1.7 - let me say from the off that we've followed Joomla 1.7 development, at a distance. We haven't had many clients come to us who had already made the decision to utilise it and we've only had one client site so far where the decision was made to build on 1.7 from the off.

Let me also add that it doesn't matter how much you toe dip with a CMS, it is only when you are in the nitty gritty of building out a whole site from scratch that you hit the real gotchas.

I also think that browser changes over the last year or so are part of the reason we haven't picked up on this sooner.  Firefox, Chrome and IE now routinely hide the 'Title bar' which used to show the title of the currently displayed web page. Now you have to deliberately go looking for the page title and it takes an extra click or three.

Lee, one of the team in the office, spotted that we had the wrong title within a site we are currently building out.  Questioning whether we had misconfigured something or whether the template in use on the site had an error within a template override we quickly checked another recent Joomla 1.7 sites - one that is all but finished but not actually launched yet.

We saw the same issue in both sites.

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Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) Must Die

Sorry people, but the time has come where I tell you the worst kept secret on the web:

Internet Explorer 6 is evil - pure and simple.

There I've said it.  By continuing to use this browser years after its useful life are over you are placing an intolerable burden upon people in my profession. Please stop.

We at Dean Marshall Consultancy Services will no longer support this browser on *any* of our own websites.

We shall recommend clients also cease - but of course this is a recommendation only - final say will be theirs, we serve our clients after all. Please continue reading this article for a full explanation why we have taken this decision and what you should (in our opinion) do next if you are still using IE6.

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Pipex Fraud - Part Two - I Believe Pipex Internet Limited Are Guilty of Fraud

Please forgive me this intrusion - but I'm embroiled in something that has annoyed me to such an extent that I have decided to turn over the frontpage of my website to this issue. I invite you to read (and listen) to my issue and to join me in campaigning to stop Pipex Internet Limited from engaging in these despicable activities.

If you are here for my business site and don't wish to take time out of your busy schedule then please proceed to my normal Joomla CMS Consultancy home page

For those of you who have decided to read on - but who haven't seen my previous article on this subject I will attempt to give you a very quick summary. This is massively abridged and perhaps takes liberties a little - please do read the original article for the full story.

UK ISP Pipex Internet moved me onto a new contract following a casual enquiry during which I decided not to proceed. The contract involved a twelve month lock in period with a cancellation fee equivalent to the full 12 months fee should I leave their services. I cancelled my account and only then was I told about the 'new contract' and cancellation fee. Staff agreed a mistake had been made and no cancellation fee was due. To my horror (but not surprise) they promptly took the cancellation fee directly from my bank account anyway - along with three other spurious payments in the month of January.  I have been given the run-around ever since. My bank 'Abbey' and card processor 'Visa' have decided not to help - my complaint is a 'quality of service' issue and not fraud - apparently because I have previously authorised Pipex to take 23.44 from my account.

Follow this link to read the previous article on this subject entitled 'Are Pipex Fraudulent Criminals'

Some people have expressed concern that I should be cautious before I allege fraud and/or other illegal activity from Pipex Internet Limited. Before alleging fraud they feel I should attempt to rule out simple error or even down right incompetence. While there are undoubtedly many elements of my treatment that could be described as incompetence I aim to show here that this is actually unlikely to be the entire story and that there is indeed reason to believe that  Pipex Internet are guilty of fraud.

I will try and demonstrate through recordings of calls with Pipex staff and through analysis of correspondence recently received from Pipex Internet that they employ deliberate tactics to frustrate complainants, that they refuse to re-act when mistakes are pointed out and that their management knowingly employ an automated system which takes money from people even when staff know that no money is due.  I then assert that there is no reasonable explanation for this behaviour that could be down to accident or even incompetence - it is quite simply systematic and deliberate. 

Find out why I have concluded Pipex are fraudsters


Are Pipex Fraudulent Criminals?

UPDATE: This article is now the first of two. Unfortunately things with Pipex are still ongoing (as of 24th March 2008) and I have now concluded that in my opinion this has to be fraud.  For the next part of the story please read:
Pipex Fraud - Part Two - I Believe Pipex Are Guilty of Fraud 

Before I begin what will be another long rant let me start by saying that I was a happy Pipex customer since 18 March 2003 and that in that time on my personal recommendation I know I have sent more than thirty, possibly as many as fifty, customers to Pipex. If you are one of them - I hope you enjoyed the last few years and I sincerely hope you do not hold me responsible for any issues you have with the company in its present operations.

For three and a half years I was very happy with Pipex. When I heard of people with other providers losing connections for hours or sometimes days at a time I would boast to people that service was so good that they used to send emails two weeks ahead of any planned outage to inform me about a potential loss of service for 30 seconds at two or three o'clock in the morning.

The last eighteen months however are something else.

You decide - are Pipex guilty of fraud?


Spammy Domain Name Peddlers

I have just been contacted by someone trying to sell domain names to me and encouraging speedy response. If I had expressed any sort of interest in buying domains from this person or company I wouldn't mind so much - but a direct approach, out of the blue, using my online contact form, in my opinion sums up everything that has gone wrong with e-mail in the last 10 years.

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1and1 Web Hosting - Bad Technical Support and Customer Service

Update: This is an old rant about bad experiences with web hosting with 1and1.  We no longer use 1and1 and have no intention of ever using them. We still get contacts from people who simply can't believe how bad 1and1 support is. Basically you can be with 1and1 for years and things appear rock solid - but as soon as something does go wrong you are left stranded, sometimes for weeks at a time.

We now provide web hosting services of our own. If you want reliable hosting with good support - especially for a Joomla powered website then head on over to our Joomla web hosting pages.

Okay, so you are looking for web hosting and you may have seen a little outfit called 1and1 or OneAndOne - they are one of the world's largest web hosts. I signed up for a 'professional' account: described by their marketing blurb in the following terms: '1&1 Professional is the ultimate Linux shared hosting solution, containing all you need to create a Blue Chip web presence.'

For six months or more the web hosting has been solid and reliable over multiple domains - so recently I moved a large domain that I operate over to this professional package. Again for a month or two all was well. Out of the blue I was unable to upload a single file up to my webspace, so I contacted technical support - there my adventure begins...

Find out about 1and1's bad technical support


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